PHR Shifter Mount for Lokar 6R80 Auto Shifter for 1993-1998 MKIV Supra

PHR 01012235.A

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  • Transmission tunnel

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PHR has adapted the popular Lokar 6R80 Shifter to work in both Automatic and 5-speed/6-speed Supra Tunnels. This gives you the ability to put the car in drive and let the car control itself, or click it over in to sport shift mode and enjoy tapping up and down to shift. With the speed of 6R80 gear change this mount really wipes the preconceived “boring nature” of the automatic away and moves into 21st century technology. Our first swap candidate, James Karger claims he does not miss his V160 one bit.

Please note: this is for the shifter mount ONLY, the Lokar shifter is not included.


Transmission tunnel Manual tunnel or Automatic tunnel