PHR V23QR Turbo Manifold for 2JZ-GE, Single Gate, H Cover

•V-Band Single-Scroll Collector for H-Cover PTE Turbo
• Short, Equal Length Primary Into Two Secondary Runner Design
•1.25" 304L Stainless Steel Schedule 10 Primaries (1.44" ID)
•2.0" 304L Stinles Steel Schedule 10 Secondaries (2.157" ID)
•Single 60mm Wastegate Flange
- Includes Lower Waterneck Rotator , Short Stud and Nut Kit, and 4 studs and v-band clamp for turbine inlet.

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  • Wastegate Flange and Size

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Wastegate Flange and Size Turbosmart 60mm or TiAL 60mm or Precision 56mm